How UP Care Works

At the giving end of the programme any organisation can buy UP and UP Care points. UP Points can be used across all UP-powered loyalty and reward programmes as well as at UP Care’s portal. However, UP Care Points will be valid only at UP Care’s portal for Charities and Social Enterprises (SEs).

Both type of points can be given to clients, customers and employees who can then use them at UP Care’s portal. They can give to any Charity and buy from any SE.

At the receiving end, Charities which participate in UP Care will receive a free platform on the UP Care portal, where they can list the goods they need every month. Points owners can then donate their points to buying these goods for the Charities.

At the back end UP Care will then aggregate the amounts of goods donated to all Charities, buy them in bulk and deliver them to the Charities.

SEs, meanwhile, will get a free shopfront, where they can upload their products and services. Portal visitors can buy the goods – or vouchers for the goods if they are to be redeemed at an outlet such as a restaurant. UP Care will manage the collection of payment for the purchases.

Click on the Join UP Care button to contact us and participate in the programme.