UP Care for Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises (SEs) make a positive impact on society by including a social good among their business goals. However, commendable goals alone are not enough to drive an SE’s business. People need to know about the goods and services available. As an added incentive they should also know the social good that the SE is doing.

An SE’s participation in UP Care will mean exposure to a new and very large pool of potential customers. This includes those who receive UP Points from the wide base of UP Partners.

SEs that participate in UP Care will also be given a free e-commerce platform to showcase and sell their products and services, as well as say more about themselves and their social mission. UP will also manage payment, last-mile delivery and inventory management for participating SEs.

Click on the Join UP Care button to contact us and participate in UP Care, or download a brochure about the benefits of participating in the programme.