UP Care for Organisations

Many organisations – retail merchants, businesses and other public and private enterprises ­– have in place customer-, employee- or partner-facing loyalty and rewards programmes.

UP Care can add value to these programmes by introducing into them a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) element or by enhancing existing CSR schemes.

An organisation that has a customer-facing loyalty and reward programme can buy and issue UP Points and inform customers of the new option to donate to charity or to buy from a Social Enterprise and thus raise its own CSR standing among customers.

Buying and issuing a mix of UP and UP Care points will make its CSR and rewards programme more flexible: Those issued with the points are empowered to choose to buy as they wish or donate as they wish. Issuing UP Care Points will mean that a certain fixed amount will go to charity or an SE.

Internal-facing employee incentive schemes can also be enhanced with UP Care. Issuing a mix of UP and UP Care points means that employees are empowered to decide how the organisation’s funds set aside for CSR are spent.

Joining UP and UP Care also means avoiding the need to source for and keep stocks of mementos for corporate visitors. They can be given UP Points or, to underscore the organisation’s CSR, issued with UP Care points.

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