UP Care for Individuals

When giving to charity, many people are concerned about how the money is spent and they may want to make direct and specific donations in kind to Charities. However, it can be tedious to find out what exactly the chosen charity needs.

Also many people nowadays are sensitive to who they buy from, preferring more environmentally friendly sellers or Social Enterprises (SEs).

The UP Care programme empowers UP and UP Care points holders to go to an online donation platform and assign their points – or distribute them – to Charities of their choice.

These Charities would have listed their needs in the UP portal and the points can be assigned to these specific needs. UP Care will then aggregate all the charities’ needs, buy the products and deliver them to these Charities on a periodic basis.

Points owners can also visit the shopfronts of participating SEs and buy goods and services, knowing that their shopping will also have some positive social impact.