UP Care for Charities

Charities face multiple issues with donations. When it comes to cash many people have doubts on where it goes or how it is used. This holds them back and also gives rise to the desire to donate in kind.

However, donors often do not know what the Charity they are giving to needs, so that the latter ends up with unusable and and hence, unwanted goods.

UP Care solves both issues. Firstly cash is not involved in the donations. Secondly, points are donated only towards the goods and services listed by the Charities; so there are no unwanted goods.

By signing up as a UP Care partner, Charities also gain three other benefits. First, the points donated to them will go a longer way because UP will aggregate and bulk-buy all participating Charities’ needs. Delivery is taken care of, too.

Second, participating Charities will immediately have a bigger pool of donors and third, they will enjoy a free donation platform from UP.

Click on the Join UP Care button to contact us and participate in UP Care, or download a brochure about the benefits of participating in the programme.